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Beautiful Makeup for your Wedding Photographs

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I highly suggest that a makeup artist be used for your wedding day.  They really know how to match the color of your skin to foundation, make your eyes pop, sculpt your eyebrows, and many other things,  but if that’s not possible, here are a few tips to help you out:

1.  Don’t use foundation or moisturizer that has zinc as the spf.  When your photograph is taken, especially with a flash, this can make your skin look very pale/white.  I haven’t tried it myself, but I’ve read that Revlon Color Stay foundation works really well.  Maybelline also makes a ‘photo ready’ foundation that you could try.  Put some of your foundation on and have someone take a picture of you using an off-camera flash, which is what your photographer should be using.

2.  Use a concealer for any areas you want to cover up, such as green to cover red spots.  Also use a primer for both your foundation and your eye shadow.  It will help your makeup last all day.  If you have oily or shiny skin, make sure to keep powder with you to touch up your face.  Hot spots from shine are not an easy fix in photoshop.  You could also have some blotting paper for shiny spots.

3.  You can use waterproof mascara which will help a lot when you shed a tear or two, or a bunch.  Another option is to use  false eye lashes which should last all day without black running down your face (which isn’t a good look).

4.  For lips I would suggest a lip liner and/or a lip stain.  The liner will help keep the lipstick from bleeding.  You definitely want to have some color on your lips or they will appear very washed out in your photographs, especially any black and white prints.

5.  And for your guy, try to get him to wear sunscreen when he’s outdoors during the day.  Practically every wedding I’ve photographed, the guy has a white forehead from wearing hats, and a red lower face.  That’s just not fixable and can look pretty weird.  Of course, you should be wearing sunscreen outdoors also to prevent your skin from aging badly as you get older (and that will happen :}

You can find other helpful ideas and hints on my pinterest page here

I hope this helps you with your wedding day makeup.  If you have any questions, please give me a call at 970.884.5292, or email me at

Good Luck!

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    Thanks for the tips! I’m sure everyone could use them (:


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