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How Do You Want to Hang Your Family?

So, you want to hang your family (or put them in a book/album)?  haha.

These are some ideas for how to display your beautiful portraits once the session is complete or your wedding images are ready.  Why invest in a portrait session or pay a wedding photographer and then print out a few 8×10’s?  Those are smaller than a piece of paper for goodness sakes.  If you’re going to take the time and energy to get yourself all dolled up and go to different locations for your family portraits or wedding portraits, at least invest in a beautiful way to display them.

Here’s some suggestions:


  Wedding Album


Wedding Album, Durango Wedding Photographers, Durango CO Photographers, Photographers Durango CO

This is a 10×10 Wedding album.  When you get married, this is your first Family Heirloom.  Even after you are gone from this world, your children and grandchildren will cherish this Album.  It has very thick cardboard pages that don’t bend and they are stain resistant.  The pages won’t warp or tear and the images are printed on the pages.  I will design the album for you, and then if you wish to make changes, that is no problem.

Canvas Portraits, Durango Wedding Photographers, Durango CO Photographers, Photographers Durango COIf you have one beautiful family portrait that you just can’t live without, that will be your main focus for the canvas cluster.  But then you have several other portraits that you don’t want to leave out, you make those a little smaller and surround the main canvas.  It’s a great solution when you can’t choose just one.


album, durango family photographers, photographers durango co, durango co photographersThis is an 8×8 Album that can be used for any number of Sessions.  They are great for family portraits, wedding albums, parent albums, boudoir, and senior portraits.  These are similar to the Wedding album, just a bit smaller.

Canvas Portrait with Floating Frame

Durango Wedding Photographers, Photographers durango CO, Durango CO Photographers

For a single Canvas Art Portrait, a floating frame makes a beautiful finishing touch.  It’s called a floating frame because there is a gap between the canvas and the frame so it appears the canvas is floating inside the frame.  It definitely makes it look like a fine art painting.


Wooden Gallery Blocks


Durango Baby Photographers, Photographers Durango CO, Durango CO Photographers

These are made of wood and come in many different configurations.  They work great for baby portraits, senior portraits, family portraits, or wedding images.  There are some gallery blocks that have space for text as well.  For instance, I have a sample at my studio that has images of a little girl and the saying underneath her pictures is “Little Girls are Made of Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice”.  You can put whatever you like on those blocks – get creative.


Image Boxes


Photographers Durango CO, Durango CO Photographers


This is another awesome way to display your images.  The photographs are mounted on a plastic material so they don’t get bent or scratched and you can put up to 20 into the largest image box (they come in different sizes).  I put one of your images on the top and then your name and date on the side.


Accordion Albums

Durango CO Photographers, Photographers Durango CO


These small albums (4×4) are extremely cute.  I design them so you have images on both sides and they usually hold 10 photographs.  They are magnetic so they close up and can be carried around in a purse, or put on the refrigerator.  I’m sure you’ll want to carry it around to show off to friends and family.  That’s exactly what I do with mine.  They are great for babies, seniors, or anything you like.

All of these items are hard to appreciate without seeing and touching them.   It’s one of those sensory experiences that I just can’t do justice in this blog post.

Well, there’s some ideas for your next portrait session.  Of course, if you’ve had a portrait session with me in the past, these are always available for purchase any time.

What is your favorite item for Portraits?


by Karen Skelly




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