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Beijing China by Durango Photographer

I’ve finally gotten back to working on the photographs that I took during our trip to Beijing back in May 2014.  We took this trip for our 20th Wedding Anniversary, and in case you missed the irony of this, here’s a little fun detail.  I was looking up the suggested wedding gifts for the different anniversaries.  Well, the gift for the 20th is china, and this was a year after we started planning this trip.  Of course, when I told my hubby this, he said “yeah, I knew that” (no, he didn’t).

The first set of images are from the Chinese Cloisonne Factory.  This is fascinating because they take the enamel vases (or other items) and glue tiny bits of wire on them to make a sort of 3d image (flowers, etc) – this is seen in the first photo.  Then they hand paint these delicate little wires and fill them in with different paint colors.  I purchased a beautiful bracelet  made this way and I just love it.

The second set of images are Chinese acrobats that performed during a show we went to see (the stage lighting was hard to photograph).  They were amazing – strong and talented.

The third set of images are from a park we visited.  All of these different things were going on in different sections of the park.  There were people sitting around playing cards and (chinese?) checkers, dancing in costumes, playing instruments, and playing with toys.  You will notice that almost all of these people are older, retired folks having lots of fun!

You can click on these images to make them larger.

durango co photographer, photographer durango co

Chinese Cloisonne Painting

durango co photographer, photographer durango co

Chinese Acrobats

durango co photographer, photographer durango co

Chinese Park

More will be coming later.  Thanks for viewing and feel free to comment.

by Karen Skelly



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