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News and Notes by Durango Wedding Photographers 2.20.15

Here’s today’s News and Notes with so many great articles.

I am especially interested in a new book published by the Smithsonian Institute called “Photography Changes Everything”.  That says a ton about how photography affects the world, your personal life, love, hate, and everything in between.  There’s a chapter entitled “Photography Changes How We Record and Respond to Social Issues”.  That is so so true.  There have been many times when I see photographs of people in need, and I donate.  That is a response to a photograph by showing us the social issue at hand.

It looks like a phenomenal record of history, art, and media.  I will have to order a copy.

There’s an article about merchandise warehouses in China.  Having been to China, I can attest that there are quite a lot of these overcrowded, overstocked, unsightly stores, and the sales people inside are scarey in their persistence.  I didn’t want to go into them because the clerks were yelling things like “Lady, come here – you must see this, Lady, Lady”.  It was not pleasant.

Ok, go read.

Luv, Karen

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