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Engagement Session Tips by Durango Wedding Photographers

You and your significant other have taken the giant leap of getting engaged – WooHoo!  Now you’re going to figure out a wedding date and start making plans.  Stop!  Well, don’t stop completely.  Do get a date set up and then start planning an Engagement Session.

An Engagement Session serves a few different purposes.  First is that you and your photographer get to know each other, become friends, and feel more comfortable together.  Second is that you can now get a guest signing book using your engagement images (this is my most popular item with engagement sessions).  Third, you get an amazing professional image to use for your Save the Date cards.  Speaking of Save the Date cards, you can check out some great cards here, as well as these wedding invitations.

The professional photographer will help you with posing and they use beautiful lighting which makes you look awesome.  The images I am showing here are a combination of natural light and off camera flash.  The main thing you need to be focused on is your clothing.  The clothing can make or break the sessions look and feel.

Here are some things to consider:


Winter:  You will want to wear darker and/or brighter colors which looks good against snow and the brown trees.  Wear chunky sweaters, gorgeous coats, scarves, hats, and gloves.  These are fun and keep you comfortable.  Some great colors include red, black, blue, green, and purple.

Durango Wedding Photographers, Wedding Photographers Durango CO


Spring:  Clothing in the spring should be light and pastel.  This couple wore blue and pink, a cute black dress with boots, and jeans with a jean jacket.  Most of my couples are very casual because we’re usually walking around in the landscape, climbing mountains, and going into tall grass.  If the girl is going to wear a cute little dress, I would suggest a necklace or scarf and earrings that compliment the dress.  I also love hats.

Durango Wedding Photographers, Wedding Photographers Durango CO


Summer:  Most colors work well in the summer.  This couple loved to be goofy and playful.  I had them roll their jeans up and get in the creek, which they loved.   Ask your photographer to send you photos of the locations where you will be going so you can see the colors that you should compliment.  I have my couples bring at least 6 different outfits so we can mix and match and figure out which outfits will look best in which environment.

Durango Wedding Photographers, Wedding Photographers Durango CO

Fall:  Most of my wedding couples don’t have engagement sessions because the weddings I photograph are around 90% destination weddings and the couples don’t come to Durango CO until their actual wedding day.  So for fall clothing, I’m showing you a family session image.  I love the colors they wore – turquoise, light blue, light green, and pinks.  Other nice colors are coral, black, yellow, and maroon.

Durango Photographer, Durango CO Photographer, Photographer Durango CO, Durango Family Photographer

Other Tips:

1.  Avoid large, loud prints and logos, and the tiny stripes (they look wavy in photos).  You and your partner should be color coordinated, but not necessarily matchy-matchy.  Lay out your clothes to see which colors are pleasing together.  You can even email photos to your photographer to get her opinion.

2.  Choose clothing that is comfortable and that you can move around in if you will be walking, climbing, and sitting on rocks.  Layering works really well.  Iron the clothing that has wrinkles – photoshop will not remove wrinkles (or at least it’s very difficult).

3.  If you’re going to purchase a wall portrait, decide where you want to hang it, then look around at the colors in that room.  Try to find clothing that will compliment the decor.

4.  Bring along props:  balloons, pets, instruments, hobbies, sports, or a chalk board to use for your save the date art.  Don’t forget to have your engagement ring shiny and clean for the close up photo.

5.  Most important – Have Fun!

Luv, Karen

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